Russell Fradin - CEO Dynamic Signal

Being CEO

Russell Fradin, CEO of Dynamic Signal, Former CEO Adify, BoD at comScore

Russell Fradin is the CEO and Co-Founder and of Dynamic Signal. He is currently a Board Director at comScore, CoachArt, and TubeMogul. He was formerly a Board Director at Udemy. Russell was the CEO and Co-Founder of Adify Corportation, a technology platform and media company focused on vertically-oriented advertising networks. Adify was acquired by Cox Enterprises in 2008 for $300M.

Summary Notes on Being CEO

  • Advice for early stage CEO
    • Main tenets of being a CEO:
      • Set a vision
      • Hire great people
      • Don’t run out of money
    • In the early stages of a company the CEO plays multiple roles
  • The importance of having a strong board and advisors
    • From the start, build a board that consists of people who are answerable and who can help guide you and make sure you continue on a successful path
      • Boards and advisors are the greatest, cheapest labor you can get as a startup
    • Pick investors based on who you think can be most valuable and helpful to the business (not necessarily who pays the highest price)