Hear from our executives on their experience working with Lead Edge

Ryan Porter

CEO & Co-Founder, Liveview Technologies

"This idea of their LP's that invest in their fund, the networks that they have, it's real. What's really surprising, the quality of the LPs. You would look at their network and say, they're too busy, they're involved in so many things. They're not going to take any time with us. And it's the opposite. They're passionate, they want to help, they want to make connections, they want to network, and they're able to get you into top tier connections at any company you really want to get into. It’s been extremely valuable for us."

Raj Dutt

CEO & Co-Founder, Grafana Labs

"Lead Edge has a higher degree of hustle and intensity than most companies and most investors. The power of their LP network is unique – their LPs are mobilized in a way that I haven't seen before. It feels like the Lead Edge team is always willing to roll their sleeves up themselves rather than sort of pontificate on a theory or an idea."

Lisa Barnett

Former CEO, GrowthZone

"Really, from the very beginning, Lead Edge has approached everything with a spirit of collaboration. They do their homework. They understand our space, they understand our opportunities, and they're all about what can they do to accelerate our growth – they’re always asking what can they do to help?"

Steve Dusablon

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, SafeSend

"Lead Edge has really shined for us. They’ve surpassed every expectation that we’ve ever had, surrounded us with some of the smartest people I have ever met. They are some of the hardest working individuals I have ever met."

Chris Comparato

Former CEO, Toast

"They have been one of our most engaged investors and are often one of the first phone calls I make to say “Hey, I want to connect with someone who’s done X,” and that’s been tremendous. They’ve opened up doors within the restaurant ecosystem, whether customer intros or partners to collaborate with."

Sajith Wickramasekara

Co-Founder & CEO, Benchling

"Lead Edge’s LP network was highly differentiated from any of our other investors. It’s panned out for us in a number of different ways from executive recruiting to customer introductions for enterprise sales. The Lead Edge team is top 1% in responsiveness."

Spenser Skates

Co-Founder & CEO, Amplitude

"Basically, there is no one in the Fortune 500 that Lead Edge cannot reach. That’s a very special and unique circumstance. Lead Edge has built this curated network that is leaps and bounds beyond anyone else."

Guillaume de Zwirek

Founder & CEO, Artera (Formerly Known as Well Health)

"The best way to think about Lead Edge’s value is that they have such a vast expert limited partner base that any business challenge are dealing with, they probably have someone in their network that you can speak to that can help you navigate that situation."

Trina Spear

Co-Founder & CEO, FIGS

"We wanted to become LPs in the fund because of how many people they had introduced us to – this amazing, phenomenal group of people. Some of those people, whom I am communicating with on a weekly basis, are really instrumental in helping us become a more successful company."

The above Testimonials/Endorsements (“Endorsements”) were provided by executives of LECM portfolio companies, some of whom are current investors of LECM. No compensation, either directly or indirectly, was provided in exchange for such Endorsements. There is a potential conflict of interest in a portfolio company executive providing an Endorsement, as an investment in any LECM fund may indirectly benefit such portfolio company. None of the above should be construed as advice or solicitation to buy or sell any securities nor as advice with respect to tax, legal or accounting matters.