73 of the most promising startups of 2023, according to top VCs

July 24, 2023

By Julie Bort, Ben Bergman, Darius Rafieyan, Leena Rao, Madeline Renbarger, Samantha Stokes, and Vishal Persaud

Nucleus Security is a vulnerability management platform for enterprises

Recommended by: Avery Rosin at Lead Edge Capital

Relationship: Lead Edge Capital is an investor in Nucleus Security.

Total funding: $23.1 million

What it does: Nucleus Security manages cybersecurity for companies through one holistic platform.

Why it’s on the list: Rosin said, Nucleus has been growing rapidly over the past few years, more than doubling every year, with many impressive enterprise accounts and a growing federal presence as well. Also, thanks to its platform, it filters out the most important notifications for review and handles the rest.