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Board Member – Sample Job Spec

ROLE: Board Member


Company Name



Contact Information

Include 2-3 paragraph company and/or job description


  • Review, approve and monitor fundamental operating, financial and other corporate plans, strategies and objectives
  • Evaluate on a regular and timely basis the qualitative and quantitative performance of the Company.
  • Assure maintenance of proper accounting, financial and other appropriate controls.
  • Assure adherence to proper policies of corporate conduct, including with applicable laws, regulations, business and ethical standards.
  • Evaluate and take steps to improve the overall effectiveness of the Board.


  • Proven experience as a CEO or Board Member of a successful SaaS/Cloud business.
  • Keen understanding of operational aspects and metrics associated with scaling a successful SaaS/Cloud business.
  • Reputation for operational excellence and rigor.
  • Operating experience within a business that has, ideally, scaled from $200-400m.
  • Track record of successfully positioning a business for growth and value creation.


  • Superior interpersonal skills and strong communication abilities to compliment the existing productive board chemistry.
  • Exemplify the highest standards or personal and professional integrity.
  • Commitment to candid and open communication.