Ken Dipietro - Head Of HR, Biogen IDEC

Building Corporate Culture

Ken has been an Executive Vice President of Human Resources of Biogen Idec Inc., since January 2012. Mr. Di Pietro has served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Lenovo Group Ltd., Microsoft Corporation, Dell, and PepsiCo over the past two decades. He is a member of the Center for Advanced Human Resources at Cornell and the Labor Policy Association. He has been a Director of InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. since December 18, 2012.

Summary Notes on Building Corporate Culture:

  • What is corporate culture?

  • What a place feels like, how the place runs, the expression of how leaders behave, how decisions are made – the net of all that is a culture

  • Failures of Culture

  • What a company says it will do and what it does need to be aligned; Ken cites Enron and Worldcom as failures of culture

  • Best Practices on building culture

  • Set a vision and create founding beliefs and values

  • Pick leaders that fit into these values