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CFO – Sample Interview Questions

Role: CFO

Sample Interview Questions

  • Cite examples of how you have driven change and improved the finance organization.
  • How is your relationship with the CEO, Board and executive team and how do you work cross functionally across the organization?
  • For public companies, how much of your role is focused internally managing the team or externally with investors?
  • How would you describe your strength in the following areas: accounting, FP&A, treasury, M&A and international.
  • As CFO, have you held broader responsibilities including HR, IT and facilities?
  • What is your management style? Have people you worked with followed you to other jobs? Have people you recruited in your organization moved on to bigger roles?
  • Do you consider yourself a “Strategic CFO” and what examples in your career lead you to that definition?
  • Who owns and drives the business model in your company?