Stan Mckee - Former CFO, Electronic Arts

Hiring a CFO

Stan McKee, Former CFO EA and Former Board member of Arcsight

Until retiring in 2002, Stan McKee served for over 13 years as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer of Electronic Arts Inc., the world’s largest developer and publisher of interactive entertainment. Mr. McKee served on the Board of Arcsight, which eventually sold to HP for $1.5 billion, as Chairman of its Audit Committee. He has also served on the Board of Leapfrog as Chairman of its Audit Committee since 2003.

Summary Notes on Hiring a CFO

What are important core competencies of a CFO, especially when comparing large and small companies?
Important qualities in a CFO (and any C-level manager): Communication skills, integrity, ability to work with a team
At small companies, need someone more hands on
What should growing companies look for when hiring a CFO?
Getting along with the team, good communication skills, and technical skills are required for the job
Should look for more character than skill level qualities
What are important questions to ask a potential CFO hire?
Ask about past experiences
Get a sense of the person and how strong they are with communication, integrity, and honesty
Are they being truthful and straight forward?
Chemistry is critical