Nat Friedman - CEO, Xamarin

Penetrating the Enterprise

Nat Friedman, CEO Xamarin

Nat Friedman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Xamarin, a platform that provides development tools to build and test native mobile apps. Xamarin is a Lead Edge Capital portfolio company. Prior to Xamarin, Nat was Chief Technology and Strategy Office at Novell, an infrastructure software provider. Nat started his career as the CEO, Co-Founder, and VP of Products of Ximian, a company that provided application software for Linux and Unix.

Summary Notes on Penetrating the Enterprise

  • Best Practices
  • Xamarin uses a hybrid model starting with bottom up sales and progressing to top down sales once the relationship advances
  • Be helpful; it helps to have sales people with software and mobile experience
  • Bottom up sales – can develop advocates within a company
  • By the time you’re selling, already have people within company that know it works
  • Intelligent lead follow up
  • Not everything should be automated, personal contact needs a human touch
  • Once multiple people are downloading Xamarin at a company, will have to complement bottom up sales with top down approach