About Us

We are a growth investment firm that adopted a unique approach from day one. We raised capital from industry veterans, experienced in building and running some of the world’s most successful companies. Our ability to connect portfolio companies with these key executives continues to be unmatched throughout the industry.

To this day, we strive to invest in companies where we can make a meaningful impact and feel privileged to have limited partners who are willing to actively engage and contribute to the success of our companies.

Our Edge

How We Invest

Lead Edge Capital makes investments between $25 million and $300 million in private and public technology companies.

At Lead Edge Capital, we specialize in making equity investments in companies where we can leverage our unique network of Limited Partners to drive value across our portfolio.

We focus on making minority and buyout investments for the purposes of providing capital for growth, M&A, and liquidity for shareholders.

Our flexible investment strategy allows us to partner effectively with companies, General Partners (GPs), and Limited Partners (LPs), crafting capital solutions tailored to the diverse needs of various stakeholders.

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The Lead Edge 8: A disciplined approach to investing

Lead Edge seeks to invest in companies with most of the following criteria:

$10+ million

25%+ YoY growth

70%+ gross margins

Scale relative to cash burn

SaaS or highly recurring

90%+ gross retention

Diversified customer base

Breakeven or profitable

Experience meets investments

Our Limited Partners understand the ambition of great leadership teams. We turn expertise and connections into your advantage.

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