Rod Favaron - CEO, Spredfast

Building Culture

Rod Favaron, CEO Spredfast

Rod Favaron is currently the President and CEO at Spredfast, a social analytics and management software company. Spredfast is a portfolio company of Lead Edge Capital. Rod is a successful serial entrepreneur.  He was formerly the CEO of Lombardi Software, a business process management software platform that sold to IBM in 2010. Prior to Lombardi, Rod was the CEO of Mediaprise, a brand resource management solution for multi-channel marketing.

Summary Notes on Building Culture

  • Building culture
    • Culture is a reflection of the leadership and how it acts in good times and more importantly bad times
    • Embodying a culture of innovation is key
  • General tips for maximizing employee morale and culture
    • A collaborative, highly-communicative environment is an essential part of building morale
    • The CEO must commit to communication opportunities i.e. open forum Q&As with management
  • Best practices for maintaining culture when opening new offices
    • Taking HQ culture and infusing remotely is very hard
    • It’s important to bring regional workforce to HQ regularly – the travel expense is well worth the added feeling of connection to the company